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Find your self-belief and shatter your limits. No natural talent required!

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Wow! What a day. A brutal, beautiful, sufferfest that I fear I will think is a good idea to repeat next year. …

Safety is always something I have taken seriously. I never take it for granted that ‘it will be fine’, because what about …

Old Ghost Ultra Begins It’s 5:55 am and I am on the start line for Old Ghost Ultra (OGU) after a build-up …

Getting Krayzie at the Krayzie midwinter backyard ultra was epic. I never knew it could be so much fun and so challenging to run in circles all day.

Ultra running was once my big hairy audacious goal., now its a way of life. This is my journey of how I discovered the power of self-belief by pushing boundaries in ways I didn't think were possible.

Exploring part of the St James trail for an overnight stay at Boyle Flat hut. Includes two ladies hiking, a threat of rain, ankle deep mud, wet firewood and much hilarity.

Vicky Havill

Hi I’m Vicky, the creator of  Dreaded Runner. If you are here because you want to hear that you can accomplish your dreams despite your own personal adversities then you have come to the right place.  You won’t see podium finishes or record breaking here, you will see an ‘average’ runner who has become a better and stronger person through running.  I am a woman of many endeavors, mum of two homeschooled kidlets, writer, trail runner, ultra runner and epileptic. This blog is all about how being the best that we can be is not about tapping into natural abilities. Its about tapping in to what makes us happy and leaning into the process of becoming better than what we were yesterday, last week or last year. At 30 I couldn’t run around the block, at 37 I completed my first 50km ultra marathon, and at 38, my first 100km ultra. I have found what I love and despite facing adversities and a diagnosis of epilepsy I am still here doing what makes me feel alive. Still consuming my soul food. 

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